Birthday celebration is incomplete without family friends and relatives. An outstanding celebration with outstanding return gift is always remembered by guests and attendees. 

Whether it is first baby birthday or 75th birthday, silver, golden platinum or diamond jubilee we cover them all with our Gift boxes.

We have Personalized and customized gift boxes loaded with handmade high quality chocolates, pinnis, truffles of different flavors and with range from regular, premium and exotic. 

Over 20+ Flavors we offer next level customization where you can customize your flavors. 

We also offers gluten free, sugar free, keto products on demand.

If you want to add some extra elements to your gift personalized by your name, monogram or logo, special message, invitation and much more. 

Our Specialty


Exclusive designer boxes with complete personalization as per your requirement and budget.Decide the box content, flavor as well as the combinations. Extra Gifts Can be added on suggestion.We consider all budget types and suggest gifting combinations accordingly.


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